The Rules

1) Each team must have 6 people to a team who actually race (4 runners, 1 rider and 1 alternate, just in case).

2) Rider must wear helmet

3) Race course is approximately a 200 yard sprint down Bayshore drive.

4) Two beds will race at once for a time trial. Two time trials per team. Top 6-8 times go head to head drag racing for the championship in single elimination per division. Supreme Speed Demon wins trophy.

5) All beds must be decorated (keep in mind theres top prizes for this)

6) Anyone may design and decorate the beds, not just team members.

7) Any size wheels are permitted

8) No breaking/stopping devices allowed

9) No steering devices allowed

10) All 5 team members must pass finish line (with the bed) in order to win. The time clock stops with the last sneaker passing the line with the bed.

11) Judges decision is final on race times and on bed construction, which must adhere to all rules and regulations stated. All beds will be inspected by judges prior to the races. The judges have final word in all matters pertaining to the race and reserve the right to disqualify or penalize any team at any time.

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