The Construction

Follow the below simple rules when making your bed:

1. Twin bed size maximum (NO ROOM ON TRACK FOR WIDER BEDS).


2. Mattress or mattress-like padding (minimum of 4 inches thick) must be part of design and design must mimic a bed with headboard and footboard. No bed stripping before race. A parade bed is still a race bed!


3. Beds must have a minimum of four wheels, one in each corner, all must touch the ground, and can be any size.


4. Beds can be decorated in any way but must have a headboard and footboard as part of the design – be creative!


5. Bed can not have any means of propulsion other than the team pushing it. No motors. No steering mechanism. Human power only. No brakes.

6. Bed may have push bars not extending more than 8 inches out. Nothing sharp may be part of the bed or push bars.


7. Any violations in bed design will have penalties (up to and including disqualification). Beds that are not constructed according to the rules will be required to be modified on sight to adhere to the rules.


8. Participants are encouraged to dress along with the bed theme decoration to win prizes.


9. No sharp items, glass or obscene items on beds. Beds will be disqualified for any of these violations. Runners must obey all decency laws for public appearances.







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